These are links to other artists’ websites. Some are friends and some are heroes…     some are both!


Jo Hooper has been collaborating with Greg for some time now. She describes herself as an “alternative” cellist and  brings a unique and innovative approach to her playing. She is also a member of Mudskippers.



Tobias Ben Jacob is starting to get the attention and acclaim he deserves. One of the most powerful and unique singer-songwriters and performers around. His songs have a direct emotional punch from beautiful and ethereal vocals and inspirational lyrics.


My favourite place to record – the super talented George Arnold provides one of the least stressful and comfortable environments to recod in and is extremely patient with finger-fumbling guitarists!

ben norcombe

Ben Norcombe is another Devon based singer/songwriter, a fantastic innovative guitarist with a voice I could listen to all day!


Intricate and powerful songwriting with a soulful voice that can hit you in all the right places!

Jimmy Ireland

Jimmy Ireland just keeps getting better and better! Skillful guitar and expressive vocals with some original takes on cover material and a growing collection of self-penned material.

chris ostler

Chris Ostler performs regularly as the frontman of various bands around town where he demonstrates his amazing vocal range. Secretly though I prefer his solo acoustic stuff… he’s a superb songwriter and has real stage presence.


Joshua Sargeant is one of the most talented and unusual artists around. He has a unique voice that is pure and powerful, he’s a great guitarist and a brilliant songwriter.



Nic Jones is a legend in the world of folk and acoustic music. His guitar style influenced a whole generation of other artists and changed the way I played for ever. I was privileged to be asked to accompany him last year. You can see Greg Hancock accompanying Nic here.


Of all musicians and songwriters, Joni Mitchell has probably had the most profound influence on my work. There just isn’t anyone better.


Ashley provides a simple but high quality recording service ideal for acoustic artists. His studio is right in the centre of Exeter and his rates are very competitive! Thoroughly recommended!

Lukas Drinkwater is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and appears all over the country in collaboration with countless other musicians. He’s a stunning solo performer too!


Jess Mcallister writes some of the most original and powerful songs around. Her live performances are always wonderful.

emily 2

Emily Howard can sing the most delicate of songs or she can belt out a real rocker. Her own songs are beautiful and unusual or she can deliver covers of all types!

bob gallie

Bob Gallie is a passionate and powerful singer songwriter with an intense and pure voice. A compelling live performer too!


Mozura are a trio of engaging musicians with a unique indie-folk sound tinged with Americana.


Adam Sweet is an amazing guitarist and singer in the blues / Americana style although he could play just about anything I think! His own material is as good as the covers he plays!

lucy ward

I was lucky enough to open for Lucy Ward last year. She’s a consummate live performer and her songs are fresh, fascinating, moving and funny. Look her up!

andy harding

Andy Harding has a forceful and jovial stage presence that sometimes belies a highly developed skill for writing powerful, evocative and poetic songs which he delivers with a real sense of empathy and drama. His beautiful ep “Storytelling” is available here.

ben mb

Ben Morgan-Brown is a wonderful guitarist,  influenced by players such as Nic Drake, Bert Jansch and John Renbourne. He writes haunting and delicately powerful songs of love and life.



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