Greg Hancock is a singer-songwriter and guitarist with a widespread reputation as one of the most original and skilful artists on the modern acoustic music scene in the UK today.

He started composing his own songs soon after receiving his first guitar aged 11 but, apart from a brief period in his late teens and early twenties when he did some floor spots at local folk clubs, circumstances meant he didn’t perform live until returning to the UK in 2012 after many years overseas. He quickly established himself as a regular performer on the local acoustic music scene in the South West of England and further afield, and secured several high profile support slots as well as his own shows and appearances at notable festivals.

Since 2015, Greg has released  two full length albums and three EPs, all to enthusiastic critical acclaim in the music press and media.  A new album is due for release in Spring 2021.

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Early Influences

It was in large part, the folk and blues acoustic guitar playing of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin that first drew Greg’s attention to the possibilities of the guitar away from simple chord strumming. He started to listen to some of the British folk revival guitarists as diverse  as Bert Jansch and John Martyn, but a chance encounter with the playing of Nic Jones was to make a lasting impact on his guitar style. Discovering middle period Joni Mitchell (Hissing of Summer Lawns / Hejira) in his early twenties had a similar impact on his approach to songwriting, and his attempts to push the boundaries of what a song can be about, or how it can be structured. It was Joni Mitchell’s technique of adapting guitar tunings to achieve otherwise impossible effects and chord combinations that became a feature of his own playing and  composition too.


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