George Arnold

George runs Rapunzel Studios  in Devon and it was here that Greg recorded his first EP “Comfortable Hatred”., and where most other recording has been done. George has an aura of calm and patience that is very reassuring, while still being direct enough to know – and – say- when things need to be done again... or differently... or perhaps not at all.  His instinct for instrumentation and arrangement...and as a multi-instrumentalist, his  ability to perform a lot of it himself make him an ideal producer and engineer. Without George’s skills and insight, the recordings would not be what they are.

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Lukas Drinkwater

Lukas and Greg were both, for a short time, jobbing giggers on the local Devon scene. Lukas was the first “proper” musician to play any of Greg’s songs, and there have been sporadic collaborations over the years since then. Lukas has become one of the most respected and in-demand musicians on the UK scene with the ability to play in almost any style, and a musical brain that is so quick and sophisticated, making music  together is always both a learning experience...and a joy!

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Jo Hooper

Jo’s cello playing was a major contribution to the sound of “Comfortable Hatred”, “A303” and “The State of My Hair”. She plays frequently with other artists, in particular Fly Yeti Fly and Mudskippers, and is known for always trying to get new sounds and effects from the cello. Greg and Jo have performed as a duo on several occasions.

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Alex Seel

Greg and Alex crossed paths occasionally over the years and found they had a lot in common in their attitude and approach to song writing and playing. After a handful of gigs together, Alex was the obvious choice for someone to tour with when Greg had the idea of the CIRCLE TOUR, which was to have been a nationwide tour of concerts featuring himself, Alex and various other leading singer-songwriters performing in the round. Sadly most of this tour had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Katie Whitehouse

Katie is a major mover and shaker on the acoustic music scene in the South West. As an agent, she represents some of the finest musicians and songwriters around. She is also a skilful and powerful songwriter in her own right,  and has performed in concerts with Greg on several occasions. She is a wise professional advisor and mentor, and a supportive and valued friend.

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Neil King

Neil is the force behind FATEA and has been a powerful helper for many artists as they start out, offering opportunities for performance and exposure to wider audiences than could be gained alone. His support and advice has always been very gratefully received.

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Other musicians that have played an important part in Greg’s musical development.

Nic Jones

A guitar hero from Greg’s teenage years, whose playing from that time still resonates through eh influence it has had on so many others. Having the opportunity to perform with Nic on a couple of occasions has been one of the highlights of Greg’s life!

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Musicians who have made major contributions to Greg’s recordings.

Ashley Height (Guitar & Lapsteel) 

Kathryn Tremlett (Violin)

Sharon Lazibyrd

Ben Homer (Keyboards)

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