Another Nice Mess, Album Artwork
Another Nice Mess, Album Artwork

Another Nice Mess

Towards the end of 2019, with the UK feeling bitter and anxious about BREXIT and the impending General Election, Greg decided to record a few demo tracks with George Arnold at Rapunzel Studios. The intention was to live with the songs for a while and then maybe plan to bring in other musicians and re-record the songs with a view to producing a new album in early 2021.

And then, as the world closed down in March 2020, and live performances had to be cancelled, studios closed and everyone stuck at home... the plans changed. We decided that the demos were already good enough to be worked up into releasable tracks. Greg asked George to work on two of the tracks from his lockdown in Barcelona, and sent two tracks to Lukas Drinkwater in Stroud. This EP is the result.


All tracks written and composed by Greg Hancock copyright Greg Hancock 2020

Greg Hancock: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals

George Arnold: Tracks 1 & 2 everything else

Lukas Drinkwater: Tracks 3 & 4 everything else

Tracks 1 - 4 main vocal and Greg's guitar recorded by George Arnold at Rapunzel Studios, Devon. Celestial Choir in Track 1 recorded by Greg Hancock in his shed.

Tracks 1 & 2 other instruments recorded and mixed by George Arnold in Barcelona

Tracks 3 & 4 other instruments and backing vocals recorded and mixed by Lukas Drinkwater at Polyphonic Recording, Stroud. Mastered by George Arnold


  1. Don't Expect It All To Make Sense 03:31
  2. Another Nice Mess 03:47
  3. Headlong 03:39
  4. The Water 04:16

Released June 10, 2020

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