Architecture & Archaeology

Architecture & Archaeology Album Cover

Architecture & Archaeology

Architecture & Archaeology continues the exploration of innovative song structures and imaginative instrumentation that have been much admired on Greg’s previous releases.

April 2021 sees the release of the third in a trilogy of albums from award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist Greg Hancock, that started in 2017 with “A303” and was followed in 2019 by “The State of My Hair”. All three collections offer reflections and commentary on the power and influence, but unreliability, of memory - and how our personal narrative is central to the way we view and interact in the world today. Producer and multi-instrumentalist, George Arnold features throughout.

Multilayered full production tracks sit alongside pared-down simple acoustic arrangements to provide a rich musical texture and variety of mood across the album, which although it has its share of serious and thoughtful moments, also provides plenty of humour and irony in its lyrical content.


  1. Changing (ft Harbottle & Jonas) 3:53
  2. Elephants 3:43
  3. Dead End Road (ft Alex Seel) 3:51
  4. Architecture and Archaeology 4:01
  5. His Twisted Fingers 6:05
  6. Not Quite Ready 5:04
  7. What You’ve Been Looking For 3:04
  8. This Day, Like All Days (instrumental) 3:25
  9. Peaches and Cream 3:24

Released April, 2021

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