Heaven's Gate, Album Artwork
Heaven's Gate, Album Artwork

Heaven's Gate / (I've Never Been) EVIL

Back in the summer of 2018, I had a fabulous couple of days working with Lukas Drinkwater in his studio in Stroud to record a handful of songs that I felt were stylistically and thematically different to the songs that would be going on my next album (to be released in March 2019).

"Heaven's Gate" (sometimes referred to as "The Supreme Irony") is a song that Lukas and I performed live a few times years ago...(there's even a video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGl-2lV5xHA), so I thought it was something we should record properly.

"(I've Never Been) EVIL" is all about going easy on yourself, accepting your imperfections and worrying about something really important instead. It's especially topical around the season of usually-doomed-to-fail New Year Resolutions that just end up making people feel even worse!


Written and composed: Greg Hancock

Acoustic guitar and vocals: Greg Hancock

Double bass and electric guitar: Lukas Drinkwater

Recorded and mixed: Lukas Drinkwater


  1. Heaven's Gate 03:10
  2. (I've Never Been) EVIL 04:18

Released December 16, 2018

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