Uke Ok, Hon  - EP - 2020.png
Uke Ok, Hon  - EP - 2020.png

Uke OK, Hon?

During this very unusual year, having worked on and recorded a new album for release in 2021 (watch this space!), I really felt I wanted to put the guitar down for a while. I picked up my ukulele to satisfy strumming urges and these pieces emerged. They are in some ways very different from my usual output: although I make political observations occasionally in my other work, it is rarely "topical" partly because it dates so quickly, and also because I don't think my view is any more worthy of airing through music than any other, and quite often dislike it when other musicians do it! However.... 2020 was certainly an exceptional year, and I had an increasing number of bees in my bonnet over the way the year unfolded.

Composed, performed and recorded by Greg Hancock


  1. Positive 01:39
  2. Talk 02:23
  3. Patience 02:06
  4. Still 02:36
  5. Alert 02:36
  6. Safe 03:24

Released January 1, 2021

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